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Common Questions

What fish are common in New Jersey?

New Jersey waters teem with common fish species like striped bass, fluke, bluefish, and black sea bass. Dive into the vibrant fishing scene with The Catterman Adventures Fishing Charter, where expert guidance ensures you make the most of your angling experience and reel in the best catches the Garden State has to offer.

What is the fish of Delaware?

Delaware boasts a variety of fish, including striped bass, bluefish, flounder, and more. Join The Catterman Adventures Fishing Charter for an immersive experience in Delaware's rich fishing grounds, ensuring you encounter and conquer the finest catches these waters have to offer.

What kind of fish can you catch surf fishing in Delaware?

Delaware's surf fishing offers a diverse range of catches, including striped bass, bluefish, flounder, and even occasional sharks. Embark on The Catterman Adventures Fishing Charter to explore these coastal waters and reel in unforgettable experiences with expert guidance.

A The Catterman Adventures Fishing Charter targets the top Delaware Bay Encounter species including Species you can Expect to Encounter: Bull Shark (Also Called Cub Shark, Ground Shark, Shark ), Atlantic Sharpnose Shark (Also Called Newfoundland shark, sharp-nosed shark, and white shark), Blacktip Shark (Also Called Shark, Blacktip Shark ), Dusky Shark (Also Called Brown Shark, Bronze Whaler, Common Whaler, Shovelnose, Bay Shark and River Whaler), Sand Tiger Shark (Also Called Ground Shark, Sand Shark, Blue-Nurse Shark, Spotted-Ragged Tooth Shark, Gray Nurse Shark), Sandbar Shark (Also Called Brown Shark, Shark ), Dusky Smooth-Hound (Also Called Smooth Dog, Dusky Smooth Hound Shark,), Spinner Shark (Also Called Great Blacktip Shark, Large Blacktip Shark, Shark ), Southern Stingray (Also Called Singaree, Kit). We primarily Encounter the Atlantic Ocean, Cape May, Lewes, Lewes Beach, Dewey Beach, North Shores.