Kevin 'Catterman'

Meet Captain Kevin 'Catterman'

Meet Kevin "Catterman" Expert guide of The Catterman Adventures

About The Captain

As a child, Kevin was always fascinated by the ocean and the creatures that call it home. He spent hours fishing off the shore, developing a deep passion for the sport. As he grew older, he began to document his fishing adventures on YouTube, sharing his knowledge and experiences with the world.

Kevin's natural talent and dedication to fishing soon caught the attention of sponsors, who recognized his potential as an angler. But for him, there was still something missing. He wanted to share his love for fishing with others in a more direct and personal way.

That's when Kevin decided to start his own fishing charter business, The Catterman Adventures. With a focus on catching the largest predators that visit the eastern shore - giant Sting Rays and Sharks - he has quickly become known as the go-to guide for thrill-seekers and avid anglers alike.

But Kevin's passion for fishing isn't just about the catch. He believes that every fishing trip is an opportunity to connect with nature and create memories that will last a lifetime. He takes pride in providing his clients with an unforgettable experience, and his enthusiasm and expertise make each trip an adventure to remember.


These fishing trips usually start in the evenings after 6 PM EST and run anywhere till midnight or even 7 AM. When you book with us we put out several different rods and baits to ensure that our night is filled with fish-catching fun. All sharks, stingrays, and other fish caught during the charter will be primarily handled by the Guide himself and his first mates. Some of the species you will encounter include Sandbar (Brown), Sand tigers, Dusky, Spinner, & Blacktip sharks, as well as Smoothhound dogfish (Some species are federally protected and must be caught & released as quickly as possible). We also have the chance of hooking into Bull & Atlantic sharpnose sharks, as well as skates and all kinds of stingrays.


All fishing gear & bait will be provided, we just recommend wearing long sleeve shirts, beach pants, and beach shoes on your trip (and don't forget the bug repellent). Amenities include ice-cold water, a Mosquito-proof enclosure, comfortable beach chairs, and High-Quality images. Video add-ons available (ask me!)


All active anglers (16+ and older) will be required to have a Tidal Fishing License ($10-20 - Delaware trips) or a Saltwater registry (Free - New Jersey)



A 20% deposit is required for all online bookings.

Balance is due in cash or credit card on the day of the trip.



Tips are greatly appreciated for a job well done.

Guest Cancellation: 

In the event that you need to request a cancellation, you must do so 7 days before your charter date in order to receive a refund for your deposit. 


Guide Cancellation:

In the rare event that your guide must cancel due to inclement weather, equipment issues, or health, you will have the option to reschedule for a future date or cancel and receive your deposit back in full.

What's included in the trip?

6 oversized beach chairs, high-quality fishing equipment, access to a large mosquito-proof enclosure, ice-cold water bottles, and high-quality images of your catches.

Do we need a license on this trip?

Lewes, DE trips: Yes, all active anglers participating in the charter 16 and older must possess a Delaware State Fishing license. Licenses can be purchased online at this link::

Cape May, NJ trips: You are not required to purchase a license, however, New Jersey does require you to register with our saltwater registry. You can do so at this link:


What species of fish can we expect to encounter during our charter trip? 

Sandbar (Brown), Sand Tiger, Dusky, Spinner, Blacktip, Atlantic Sharpnose, and Bull sharks... as well as Smoothhound Dogfish, clear Nose Skates, little skates, butterfly stingrays (we have caught these with a wingspan of 6+ ft), roughtail stingrays (up to 400+lbs!), southern stingrays, Cownose stingrays, bluntnose stingrays, and bullnose stingrays.

Make sure to BOOK with us today before dates fill up!

Conservation efforts

Catterman Adventures, LLC proudly supports all Shark Conservation efforts. We do our part to bring awareness to these amazing animals by educating our clients as well as the public with each interaction. We also pride ourselves on using science-based fish handling techniques to ensure the least amount of stress is put on the animals we catch and release. Last but not least, we donate 10% of our annual profits to both the NJ Conservation Officers Fund and a 401(c) Non-profit called Save Coastal Wildlife.

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4 Years of Experience

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Gear & Equipment

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Good to Knows

Trip Inclusions:

Quality Fishing Equipment (Rods, Reels, Tackle & Bait)

Mosquito-proof Enclosure

Oversized comfortable beach chairs

Cold Water Bottles

High-Quality Images (You can ask about video add on packages)

First Mate

Dinner Meal (one per active angler on 8-hour trips)

Delaware Location has bathroom access, Cape May public restrooms are not available, come prepared!

What to bring:


Wear Long sleeve shirts and Beach Pants

Mosquito Repellent Lotion or spray

Beach Shoes